Scientifically developed, clinically proven, patented, natural and safe products

Decima Health has created a method of developing topical bioactive products utilising a novel process that uses all-natural ingredients. Decima’s process is revolutionary as, unlike conventional methods, the final product contains a far higher proportion of plant extracts and is far gentler on the extracts, so boosting activity. There are three key products, all backed up by positive clinical outcomes:

An eczema cream that has been shown to be clinically effective in two independent clinical trials. Notably, the eczema product has successfully achieved over-the-counter (OTC) regulatory status in the USA as a therapy for eczema.

An anti-aging, intensive restore cream. When compared to the ‘gold standard’ retinol, Atopis was shown to be superior in laboratory tests and dermatologist testing. This results in plumper, smoother skin but without the redness and sun sensitivity of retinol.

A treatment cream for rosacea. Dermatologist assessment has indicated that Atopis reduced redness, inflammation and associated acne, as well as decreasing flare ups in rosacea subjects. Confirmatory results have been reported by customers.